Creating Your Ideal Post-Business Life: A Step-by-Step Guide

Apr 23, 2024

Business owners: Plann for retirement with post-business life considerations.

Are you ready to begin envisioning your “post-business life”? This is all about imagining and setting the stage for the fruits of your labour after selling your business.

Let’s dive into how you can determine the quality of life you desire from the sale of your business.

In this worksheet-style guide, we’ll walk through key elements that will help you define your goals and set the stage for your future.

Defining Your Post-Sale Lifestyle:

Before you sell your business, it’s crucial to envision the lifestyle you desire. Which is why it’s never too soon to start planning for it!

What does your ideal post-sale lifestyle look like? Consider questions like where you want to live, how you want to spend your time, and what activities or hobbies you want to pursue. Paint a vivid picture of your dream lifestyle to guide your financial planning.

Where do you envision yourself living after selling your business?
What activities or hobbies do you want to prioritize in your post-sale life?

Planning for Retirement:

Retirement is a significant milestone, and selling your business can play a key role in funding your retirement goals.

Determine when you want to retire, how much income you’ll need, and what activities you want to enjoy during retirement. Use this opportunity to design your ideal retirement lifestyle for each season of the year.

When do you envision retiring, and what does your ideal retirement lifestyle look like?

Supporting Your Family:

Your family’s well-being is a top priority. Define your family goals – whether it’s supporting your children’s education, providing for your spouse, or leaving a legacy for future generations.

Consider how the sale of your business can contribute to achieving these goals and securing your family’s financial future.

How do you envision supporting your family’s financial needs and aspirations?

Prioritizing Your Health:

Maintaining good health is essential for enjoying your post-business life to the fullest.

Define your health goals, including staying fit, managing healthcare costs, and planning for any future medical needs. Consider how the proceeds from selling your business can support your health-related expenses and ensure peace of mind.

What health-related expenses do you anticipate in your post-business life, and how will you address them?

Giving Back Through Philanthropy:

Philanthropy allows you to make a meaningful impact on causes you care about. Define your philanthropic goals, whether it’s supporting charitable organizations or creating your own foundation.

Explore how the sale of your business can provide the resources needed to fulfill your philanthropic vision and leave a lasting legacy.

How do you envision making a difference through philanthropy after selling your business?

By defining these different elements of quality of life, you’ll establish a clear set of financial goals to guide your decision-making process. Remember to seek guidance from a financial advisor or other professionals to develop a comprehensive financial plan tailored to your unique circumstances. Are you ready to take the first step towards creating your ideal post-business life? Let’s discuss how I can support you in achieving your goals. Schedule your free coaching session today.