Build your Dream Team

How to hire a superstar TEAM

Hire a superstar team

Many of our clients struggle with hiring and retaining superstar team members. If this sounds like your experience, then it’s time to work with our business coach at ByNan Business Solutions. We know that you as an owner will build a good company but a superstar team is required to build a great company.

Responsibility as The Owner

Fire fast,
Hire slow

Rules of the Game

Leadership has become a cliché

It’s been said that an owner can build a good business and only a special team can build a great company. The ultimate success of a company depends on the strength of its team members. Complete the “Coaching Fit Assessment” to get connected with the coach and begin building a team to achieve results you never would have imagined.

Unfortunately, in our experience, we’ve seen businesses struggle when forced into the hiring process. Human nature is you hire when you’re stuck and need a warm body. This results in fast-tracking the hiring process is regretting the hiring choice almost immediately. Take the “Coaching Fit Assessment” and get positioned to begin creating your team of superstars!

In our opinion, the hardest part of growing and maintaining a dream team is consistently reminding the team of the rules of the game and “blowing the whistle” when a team member goes offside. All team members should be invested in the success of your company and get fulfillment in completing their role. Take the “Coaching Fit Assessment” and get a step closer to understand the hard and soft rules around creating your dream team.

It’s been said so often that people just want to be led. But leadership is not just a topic, it is a way of life. In order to grow an amazing team, your company needs leadership. There is no “secret decoder ring” on how to become a great leader but with great mentorship (which is what we specialize in), we can coach you. Complete the “Coaching Fit Assessment” and begin taking tangible steps to learn how to lead your team to incredible results in your business.

I’ve been a small business owner for 17 yrs. It’s only been the last six months working with Kevin Savoy from ByNan Business Solutions that I have had clarity in my business. Having clarity has given me a more focused workday and in return more restful down time. Working with Kevin has made me see my business from an owner’s point of view. Working on my business, instead of in my business has given me the ability to clearly see where my business was going. Kevin has also given me the opportunity and tools to steer my business to where I want it to be. Working on my business instead of in my business has increased my trust in my staff. Allowing me to free up time in the workday. Having extra time in the workday has given me the opportunity to grow my business without adding extra hours to the work week.

– B. Bacon

What makes Kevin stand out so much as a great coach is, he cares as much about the company as you do. He brings a positive attitude and compassion to each and every coaching session. All of this is not only making us better business leaders but a better person as well.

– Kathy Thomson MacLennan

Co-Owner Summerheights Golf Links